MSc Web Science – Week 22

Royal Society 280214
Web Science Research Week/Tim O’Riordan © 2014/CC BY 2.0

Last week we of the MSc Web Science cohort spent time between classes and course work taking part in Web Science Research Week 2014. I worked with the “Using Linked Data” team (see last weeks post) on a project initiated by Dave Tarrant, Senior Trainer at the Open Data Institute (ODI). At our initial meeting we decided to alter focus base research around the question: “What does employee social network activity tell us about organisational decision making?”. During the week this morphed into exploring ODI social network activity and international press reports about open data – and in an object lesson on what can realistically be achieved in the few hours we had, I spent some time attempting and failing to correlate this against Usage Statistics.

Outcomes from the week were a superb presentation at the Royal Society (delivered expertly by team colleague Mark Anderson – pictured above) and a much better understanding of the tall task involved in ‘data wrangling’ – i.e. cleaning up data and finding suitable tools and visualisation methods that clearly and reliably illustrate relevant findings. Oh, and loads of Twitter activity (#websciresweek and #wsirs).

This week’s readings (some require subscription access):

COMP6050 – Semantic Web for Web Science

COMP6052 Social Networking Technology

RESM6003 – Qualitative Methods

For the seminar on analsing qualitative data and presenting findings, download materials from ESDS Qualidata, UK Data Archive.

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